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what we do

We are Oneheart Studios.

We are passionate filmmakers and we are in love with love. This is why we do what we do.

We are a Melbourne based boutique, specialising in documenting your wedding in a cinematic way.

We put our whole heart into creating your wedding film (hence our name). From our first contact up until we deliver your hand crafted film.

We are pro’s at capturing sweet, natural moments without ever being obtrusive.

We’re so honoured you’re here and we can’t wait to talk to you!


Oneheart Studios was founded in 2012 by friends Jack and Jackson

Jack Currie

Jack Currie

Jack is the person behind the camera and computer screen creating magic. He’s usually the one you’ll meet at a client catch-up as he would much rather know his couple and their story rather than rocking up to a wedding and introducing himself as the video guy.

Jack is passionate about creating a film that you’ll want to watch for many years to come, he’s constantly bettering his skills and researching the best video gear to create a high quality product. Jack is our main editor and it’s through this format that his creative flair truly shines, he’s always looking for a new way to edit that tells a love story to its truest form.

When Jack isn’t shooting weddings or locked away in the studio editing you’ll find him with a camera in hand photographing nature or ‘entertaining’ our neighbors while learning a new riff on the guitar, often trying to find a way to buy a new guitar pedal without the wife finding out. He’s also on the hunt to find the best burger he can (coming for you Fergburger) He enjoys entertaining family and friends and cooking the perfect steak.

Jack is a romantic at heart and loves people in love, he’s secretly a rom-com fan because he loves a happy ending and will tell you being married is the best decision ever, we agree.

Jackson Strafford

Jackson Strafford

Jackson is the guy behind the camera and our irreplaceable tech guru, he’s a qualified audio engineer and is basically MacGyver reincarnated when it comes to fixing anything and everything, he’s our behind the scenes guy who just always makes sure everything runs smoothly.

Jackson was a hipster before being hipster was even a thing and you’ll often find him playing around with black and white film photography, spending way too much money on vintage camera lenses and being a giant coffee/scotch snob. He is the wearer of grandpa hats and grows a beard that’s way too wide for its length.

Jackson is often referred to as Jacks other wife and their relationship has been likened to J.D and Turk from Scrubs on many occasions.

Jackson is a sucker for a fun wedding and loves capturing moments that beg to remembered. 

Janelle Currie

Janelle Currie

Janelle is the person behind the emails, phone calls and accompanies one of the guys on every client catch-up, she also handles the accounts side of the business.

In moments that she’s not busy with these you’ll find her with a book in hand and a coffee in the other, she also loves sitting in on the editing sessions (usually with a tissue) completely enthralled in the love story between two people. You’ll usually hear her complain that she doesn’t get to go to a wedding every weekend.

Janelle’s an animal lover but has a weird, crazy love for cows (seriously, ask to see her phone background) and of course adores our dog McClane. She has inadvertently become our fashion advisor and often bans clothing items out of our wardrobe (looking at you Jackson and your grandpa hats)

You need something? She knows a guy. Wedding related of course. She keeps a great record of incredible vendors for just about every aspect of what it takes to create a wedding.

Most of all Janelle loves getting to know our couples and hearing about their wedding day.




Thanks for visiting, if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.